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It’s like duck, duck, goose

But some bizarre fashion version of it, starting with goose…

So to read this image…

Gay backup dancer from the 80’s, Amish, Amish, Amish …


(image from The Sartorialist)


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It’s a real product!

Perfume is a fantasy product to begin with; that’s why they’re named after desired qualities (e.g. “Beautiful”) or moods (“Eternity”, “Pleasures”).

Sometimes it’s just straightforward, like “Gardinia”. Or the name of a designer whose clothes you can never afford, but whose perfume might make you imagine you’re wearing the clothes.

Given all that, I have no idea what this ad is supposed to make me feel.

I mean, I know the copy says “Feel extraordinary” but really, whenever you’ve been in a situation that says “I feel alien” you’re usually not describing a good feeling.

Also, this model! It’s like all kinds of bad plastic surgery. What fantasy is this supposed to evoke? Botox + anal probe?

Granted..I’m sure that’s someone’s fantasy…



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