I always feel guilty when I’m engaging in something that is considered frivolous. After all, time being a finite commodity I should be on the path of constant edification. Exercise! Improve my art skills! Trawl through that classic list of books that has been showing up on Facebook!

These are all worthy pursuits, that, if accomplished, have tangible benefits. (For example, lesson learned from reading “Moby Dick” is that an obsession with cetaceans is unhealthy.)

But instead, I read gossip blogs, watch television that is neither “serious” nor “critically acclaimed”, and surreptitiously download romance novels on Kindle. I spend way too much time looking at fashion and beauty websites, debating whether or not it’s worth spending $130 on a curling iron (probably not, but look at how glowing the reviews are!)

So, this is for all those unimportant topics in life that make all the important ones bearable.


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  1. I completely in tune with this! It’s a pretty witty blog. From the unimportant comes the important.

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