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Discovery #1 about moving from SF to LA

About a year ago, I left San Francisco for a new job and a new city.

I know many, many people have traveled much further and more frequently for the same reasons, so forgive me for my completely self indulgent navel gazing on the matter, as my move didn’t even require a time zone change.

Nevertheless, I’m going to note what I’ve learned in the past year, in no particular order.

#1 My Jacket Collection Will Never Exercise Its Full Potential in LA

Bitching and romanticizing the persistent fog and damp of San Francisco is a common pastime of its inhabitants. But a major positive about its unique weather is that you can dress for one season; fall. A scarf and a nice jacket is always appropriate. And one of the best things about a jacket is that you can pretty much be wearing your rattiest t-shirt underneath and no one will know!

But now, I am coming to the reluctant conclusion that the days of looking like a romantic Edwardian of a vaguely literary persuasion are over. Wool is pretty pointless here, and it is frequently so sunny, that dressing in dark colors just makes me look like a humorless German designer or a displaced aging goth.

So it may be time to donate some jackets.



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