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Having the flu, watching too much Netflix, and the holidays.

While some people like to do things such as shopping, listening to carols, and putting up decorations, I prefer to take a less showy way of celebrating the season. So, annually, without fail, I cozy up with the latest flu virus, spending days in a non-alcoholically inspired lethargic stupor, imbibing large quantities of hot liquids and zinc tablets.

I thought that since I have moved to a part of the country where it’s warm and sunny 99% of the time, the flu fairy would pass me by this time. But it did not. The only difference is, while housebound, I can see how sunny it is outside.

I mostly feel tired and stupid when I have the flu. Which means it’s a great time to clear through my Netflix queue of non challenging shows.

For this flu season, I chose “Supernatural.”

It has handsome men and monsters.

In fact, I think every other season or so, they add another random handsome man, to spark renewed interest or capture a different demographic. Sort of like how family sitcoms will add a new cute child to the mix once the other children outgrow their cuteness.

These are the types of patterns you notice when you consume entire seasons over a few days.

It probably isn’t fair to judge any show when it isn’t experienced the way the creators intended. Emotional payoffs designed to be meted out over the span of years, are experienced in three days instead. Flaws which are supposed to be Achilles’ heels, tripping up the main characters now and again, become acts of unconscionable stupidity and inexplicable amnesia (“Don’t you remember what happened five hours ago?!”) It’s like a supercut of someone hitting their head on a low ceiling. Even when you know the data was compiled over time, watching it all in five minutes makes the subject seem like a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

But it’s still fun. At least for seasons 1-5. The writers tie up a every loose end and resolve all peripheral characters by then, wrapping up the major story arc which started with the series. So when the series continues afterwards, it’s like watching a couple announce a divorce after years of fighting, and then just continue to lethargically live together.

However, as I said, handsome men and monsters. So there’s always that.


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