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Clothes, they make a man. Well a person. Something, anyway.

I love going through racks of clothing, even though I often leave without buying anything. I’d love to say this is because I’m fiscally responsible. but more often than not, it’s because I can’t tell if I actually like a piece because I think it’s a good piece, or that I’m simply enamored because of its dramatic potential.

Highly styled items always feel like costumes to me. For example:

1) Expensive apocalyptic wasteland! With the frayed edges, exposed seams, asymmetrical hems, and colors of dirt and rock. Also a popular look among zombies.


2) Sci-fi heroine! Black, grays and whites, sharply tailored, or expertly draped. Looks fabulous on tall, skinny people and resembles upholstery and sackcloth on everyone else.


3) Gypsy queen! Extravagant colors, metallic thread, jewelry involving crystals and mystical icons. Lots of fabric from places like India, Indonesia, and Tibet…someplace where dirt floors don’t mean you’re camping.


4)Aging trophy wife. Bright colors. Over processed hair. Over worked face. Expensive clothes that is usually a bit gaudy. Big jewelry. I don’t think I need to show pictures as there are entire television programs on Bravo that not only exhaustively illustrate this look, but conveniently, are proof of the impending apocalypse, when look 1) will inevitably come in handy.

6)Escaped from the Asylum. This is fashion that I don’t understand and feels like it was put together by crazy people.



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