The optimism of white blouses and little white sundresses…

There’s something about warm weather and lightweight white clothing that I love.  It just seems quintessentially summery and so carefree.

The reality though, is that, sartorially speaking,  there is nothing more stressful than wearing white clothing. You can’t  sit anywhere safely, and forget about eating Mexican food or pizza. A new white blouse is a sure fire way to make a meal an exercise in tension and regret. 

For a long time, this was a non-issue, because I lived in a part of the country that was foggy and damp most of the year. A wardrobe  entirely made up of grey and black was perfectly suitable (and stain hiding.)

Now, living in a place that is unrelentingly sunny, my previous clothing choices conspire to make me look like a hole in reality, and really age-inappropriately goth. Also, it’s just hot. So lightweight clothing becomes more of a necessity unless dissolving into a pool of sweat is your thing*

Of course, the very first day, while wearing my very first new white shirt in years, I immediately got a stain on it. 

This is when I realized the importance of carrying round these things.

If you’re one of those people who move through life in a choreography of grace and precision, this product is unnecessary. 

However, if you’re like me, or pretty much everyone else I know, these things are awesome. And come in packs of three. 

How often does awesome come in packs of three?! (Actually, I’ve never given this serious thought, so maybe it happens all the time. Suggestions welcome.)

*it is not my thing. 


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