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Hey, it’s a big dill!

I should try harder to resist a bad pun but…well…why?

In the last few years, I’ve become rather obsessed with dill. It goes great with eggs and fish, and you can even buy havarti cheese, which comes in a conveniently “prepackaged with dill” variant!

I’ve already discussed here a nice way to keep fresh herbs longer if you don’t cultivate them yourself.

Dill adds a nice herbiness to whatever you add it to. It’s not the same thing at all dried, so try to get it fresh if you can. Just use the feathery, leafy bits.

I used to make my life hard by pulling the leaves off and chopping them. And then I got lazy, and just pulled them off. And then I realized that I was an idiot; the fastest, easiest thing to do is get a clean pair of scissors and just snip, snip, snip the amount of dill you want!

I’ll bet all of you have been doing it this way the whole time and didn’t tell me!

So here’s something I recommend: scrambled eggs with dill.

(Unless you don’t like dill.)

First, beat 2-3 eggs (don’t worry, eggs are masochists…they love it). Add a dash of salt and a some fresh dill. You can also mix in a bit of cream or milk, especially if you like your eggs fluffy and a little soft.

How much dill? Well, enough that your eggs look nicely speckled, but not green.

Melt the butter over medium heat, pour in eggy, dill mixture, and scramble that puppy.

Dill makes the eggs extra special.

I’ve been eating this over a bed of sautéed spinach because I was trying that whole low-carb thing. But it would be equally good over toast.




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