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The New(ish) Hotness!

In California, the hot sauces of choice are Tabasco, Sriracha, and Tapatio. I’m guessing the provenance of sauces are something like Tex-Mex, Vietnamese-American, and Mexican…but in the last five years or so, you can basically find them in most restaurants, regardless of ethnicity. They’ve become like ketchup; ubiquitous, and really good with fries.I really didn’t like hot sauces until a few years ago, and now every time I eat something, I think “This could be a little bit spicier.”

But in a recent trip to Israel, I discovered this:


This is schug, and is pronounced  like “Zhoog”, which sounds like you’re referring to a hostile alien overlord.

But despite this, it’s delicious! I had some in a nondescript bottle at a schwarma place in Tel Aviv, and then wondered how I could get some in the States. So thrilled when I found it at an Israeli market in North Hollywood.

Anyway, I’ve put it on eggs, tuna, pretty much everything. If you want  spicy, and want to try something different, try a little “hostile alien overlord” sauce!




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Secretly Frivolous has written a book!

Every advice to writers exhorts the authors to write the kind of story that they would like to read.

This is a fantasy romance with a centaur, a lot of puns, and some drawings,

I’m really not sure what this says about me. Maybe that I read too many fantasy and romance novels growing up, watched too many escapist movies and television shows, and like to draw.

One might also think I like horses, but no. I actually always wanted a dog but who the hell wants to read about a romance between a woman and a man who is part dog…

Oh wait…

Never mind.

But I do know what it says about YOU if you read it! It says you are a reader of distinction! Someone who is not a part of  the herd! (Get it! Centaur joke! Buy the book and get more horse puns than you can crack a whip at!)

It says that you are a person with style and an extra 2.99 in your pocket.*

Get it here!


Passion! Pictures! Puns!

*Less than a cup of fancy coffee, but with 100% more horse penis and puns!

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There be giants!

So I recently finished watching “Attack on Titan” (now on Netflix).


It’s really, really good. It’s about a vaguely Germanic world in which giants mysteriously appear one day and begin chowing down on humanity. The design of the show and action are fantastic, and there’s quite a bit of game/military strategy on display as well. The show is already a huge hit in Japan and slated for a live action film.

Now, I know that some people think anime is not their thing. I know. I used to be one of those people (hangs head in shame). But if you’ve ever enjoyed “The Transformers” or “Pacific Rim”, then I’m sorry. You do like anime; you just like bad anime. Try GOOD anime!

When watching the show. I was wondering why the giants looked so familiar to me. They have creepy, blank smiles, and despite their nudity, are about as asexual as possible. I don’t know people like that in real life.


And then I realized that they reminded me of a picture I saw, years ago when I was reading a story about vegansexuals; vegans who will only sleep with other vegans.

So ironic!


(That story here

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