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It’s that time of year…

It’s almost tangible, a shift in the air, and wherever you go, you hear the seasonal sounds, reminding you that it’s a time of sharing…

Sharing cold and flu viruses!

Because why stay home and recover when you can infect the population at large?

After a particular brutal bout with the flu recently, I’ve discovered that there are things one can do to make it marginally more bearable.

If you even suspect you might be coming down with something, do a huge grocery run. Heck, do one now, even if you feel great Everything I’m suggesting will keep in the fridge or freezer.


1) Boxes of chicken stock. It’s like a good trench coat, it goes with everything.

2) Frozen vegetables. I suggest chopped spinach, kale, and peas. It’s very easy to throw into soup making it much healthier.

3) Canned beans. When fighting a cold, you’re going to need extra protein. You can just throw in a can of white beans or pinto. For those of you worried about the side effects of beans, you have the flu, no one will want to be around you anyway.

4) Fresh onions, white or yellow.

5) Fresh garlic.

Bonus item:

6) Pancetta or regular bacon.

So basically, you can turn almost anything into soup. The steps go like this:

1. Fry up your diced pancetta or bacon over medium heat. Add chopped onion and garlic. If you’re not down with the pork fat just fry up your onions and garlic in some oil or butter.

2) When the onions are clear, add your chicken broth. The amount you need depends on how much other stuff you plan on putting into it.

3) Put in other stuff. The aforementioned vegetables, beans, almost any kind of leftovers. Shredded pot roast and chicken work particularly well. (Trader Joes makes a pre cooked pot roast that is perfect for emergencies). You can throw in rice or pasta, a beaten egg… If you’re putting in fresh vegetables, like spinach or kale, I suggest adding that towards the end otherwise it will discolor to an unappetizing color before your soup is done.

Basically, this makes a much better soup than the canned stuff and may help you feel marginally less pathetic.

Another thing that you may want to get before you’re struck down is this:


You might be thinking, “I don’t need that, I can just boil water in a kettle.”

But see, flu is about consuming lots of hot liquids so you can continue to breathe through your congestion. (okay, what you’re really trying to do is thin the phlegm. Nice right?).

This will keep a lot more water hot at a time so you can suck down that much more. Also, you can keep it by the couch or the bed, while you whimper.


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