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NY Times wedding announcements

I’ve always had a morbid fascination with the NYTimes in this regard. I was never clear on why people wanted to announce their weddings in such a public way.

But I’m an introvert who thinks sitting in a shadowy corner of a cafe and drawing is an awesome time, so chalk this one up to differing personality types and their subsequent needs.

However today…today it all made sense, because today brought the story of this.

Oh sure, it starts off as your typical German avant guard musician meets celebrity floral event designer at a gym, bonding over protein smoothie recipes. And then becomes SO MUCH MORE.

After a paragraph or two detailing how the partners are well matched in their zen temperament, it goes on to say that Joan Rivers officiated over the ceremony, and wraps up with:

“Next, a 15-foot-tall sculpture of a bride glided down the aisle like a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The sculpture, like a Trojan horse, carried a surprise: Mr. Bailey. “The tulle opened like a curtain and Preston walked out,” said Sandie Keidan, a guest.”

Did you catch that? They had a groom piñata!

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