Tuna, tuna, tuna…

Lately, I’ve been on a tuna kick.

Not sushi tuna (which I also love, but would be prohibitively expensive to get addicted to) but the stuff that comes in cans.

I’m not sure what triggered this sudden non-stop tuna craving. But if I suddenly find elevated levels of mercury in my blood, it’s really not going to be a mystery where it came from.

Here’s what I’ve discovered about buying canned tuna that I will share with you. I’m a tuna salad sandwich kind of person, as opposed to a tuna Niçoise salad kind of person, so keep that in mind re: the following:

  • Get the kind packed in olive oil. It tastes better. Also, olive oil is good for you. As is tuna (except for the mercury part)  Also, if you buy the kind in olive oil, you’ll need less mayo, if you like mayo in your tuna
  • buy capers to mix in with your tuna. Or dill.
  • Or a bit of chopped celery, scallions, shallot. Or all three.
  • A little sea salt sprinkled on top is great too
  • Toast your bread. Or use crispbread. Tuna gets everything soggy and I think my childhood heebie jeebies about tuna salad sandwiches comes from having tuna on soggy bread.
  •  Open faced sandwich-style is better for maximum tuna-ge. Tuna salad is gloopy and shoots out the opposite end of an overloaded sandwich when you take a bite.
  • As tasty as it is, tuna salad is fundamentally low on plate appeal. It helps to dress it up with slices of avocado or tomato. Also, the more dill, celery. capers, etc that you use, the less it will appear like cat food.



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